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NEWS of the week HACK BORED APE- FTX JP...

Every week, find the digest of cryptocurrency news by Yo Crypto.

This week, we start with the Bored Apes discord hack!



BAYC discord hacked, over 200 ETH stolen

This 4th of June, a hack took place on the Bored Ape discord server !

It was the community manager's account that was hacked.

The hackers then took the opportunity to distribute a phishing link where users had to connect their wallet to retrieve a so-called reward.


As a result, nearly 32 NFTs were stolen, representing over 200 ETH, or about $260,000 at the current Ethereum price.

Expansion of FTX trading platform in Japan

Following the acquisition of Japanese fintech LIQUID GROUP earlier this year, FTX has now obtained the mandatory service licenses to operate a cryptocurrency exchange platform in Japan.

FTX therefore launched its subsidiary 'FTX Japan' to take advantage of the growing Japanese market.


In recent months the company has continued to grow and has even overtaken Coinbase in market share!



Gemini exchange makes staff redundant 10% of its staff

Indeed, this week, the Winklevoss brothers' platform decided to part ways with 10% of its staff according to a Bloomberg report.

One of the reasons for this decision is the current situation in the cryptocurrency market, which has been very bearish since November 2021.


Obviously, this has a strong impact on the volume of exchanges, which see their revenues decrease at the same time.

Former Opensea employee charged with insider trading

The latter was indeed aware, in advance, of the next collections that were going to be put forward by the platform!

All he had to do was buy before it happened and he could make a big profit (almost 18 ETH in profits). He was noticed by the community for his transactions on the Ethereum blockchain and resigned from the company for this reason last September.


He was charged on 1 June and faces up to 20 years in prison if found guilty.



Japan regulates stablecoin with new law

On Friday, June 3, the Japanese parliament passed a new law banning the issuance of stablecoin from licensed banks and organizations.

So now you will have to register with a new issuing service created especially for the development of stablecoin!

This somewhat brutal decision may possibly be a result of the UST crash and depeg. The balance between protecting users and fostering innovation is sometimes difficult to maintain!

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