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NEWS of the week OPTIMISM - ETORO - NEXO...

Every week, find the digest of cryptocurrency news by Yo Crypto.

This week, we start with the return of 17 million Optimism tokens!



Optimism, the hacker returns 17 of the 20 million tokens

On June 8th, following a Wintermute error (layer 1 instead of layer 2) the 20 million tokens ended up on an unknown wallet and were then recovered by a hacker. The hacker finally decided to return 17 million of the 20 tokens.
He decided to keep 2 million, one of which he sold for eth. 

The last one was sent to Ethereum founder Vitalik who returned them to Optimism as well.

Etoro, a new PSAN registered company

The well-known broker Etoro with more than 27 million users has just received its registration as a digital service provider from the AMF.

As a result, it is now one of only 38 companies that are registered.

Etoro will therefore be able to offer its French users the possibility of buying and selling digital assets in full compliance.



Nexo proposes to acquire Celsius


Following the fall that the crypto assets market is experiencing, some business models and companies are in trouble. Indeed, the crypto lending platform Celsius had to temporarily suspend its withdrawals, transfers and swaps to maintain liquidity.
The giant Nexo has therefore seized the opportunity to make an offer to buy some of the assets of its competitor Celsius (see the tweet)

Buy NFTs directly via Mastercard?


The giant Mastercard has announced in an official statement that it wants to facilitate the NFT purchase process via credit card payment solutions. The company, which had decided to seize the opportunities of web 3.0, shows once again its avant-garde side.

 In addition, its vice-president also insisted on the company's intentions to get involved in Web 3.0.



Lacoste launches its NFT collection


It's official, Lacoste is launching its first nft collection and entering the web 3.0 ecosystem. It is called UNDW3 and will allow people to participate in the brand's artistic decisions. A server discord is already available and whitelists for the pre-mint are available until 13 June.

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