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Phanteks Revolt X 1000W


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Introducing unique possibilities with the new Phanteks Revolt X series, the first dual system power supplies. They can support a secondary system and power it individually using Phanteks' patented technology. The Revolt X Series power supplies offer 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency, hybrid mode for quiet operation and fully modular cables. Powered by Seasonic, Revolt X power supplies bring high reliability and power to the enthusiast market for high performance systems, whether single or dual system PCs.
If you want to create a dual system configuration for your Gaming + Streaming PC, Gaming + Server computer, or perhaps a Gaming + Workstation PC, you only need the Revolt X series power supply with a PC case that supports two motherboards. installations such as the Phantek Evolv X.
Phanteks custom PCB design allows the Revolt X to power 2 systems simultaneously. It has two motherboard and processor output connectors that can support a secondary system and power it individually.
Continuous load sharing between two systems improves overall efficiency compared to using 2 individual power supplies.
The Revolt X power supply minimises the cables for two systems. All cables are included for the dual system.

Phanteks Revolt X 1000W
Phanteks Revolt X 1000W


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