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Phanteks AMP 750W


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The Phanteks 750W AMP Black easily fits into your case without creating a clutter. Its compact size makes it compatible with most current computer cases. And its fully modular cabling system helps you connect only the cables you need for your setup. In short, its black, flat, sheathed cables make for a clean internal layout. The power supply also has an all-black coating to match the style of your system.
The Phanteks 750W AMP Black is remarkably energy efficient. It is 80+ Gold certified, giving your system an efficiency of 92 % with a low power consumption. In other words, its total power of 750 W is only 8 % wasted when supplying your main components.
The Phanteks AMP 750W Black supports maximised configurations thanks to its diverse connectors. For example, you can connect up to 10 hard drives to its SATA ports. This power supply also supports the connection of a motherboard on its 20+4 pin CM port, processors on the 4+4 pin (12 V) connector, etc.
The Phanteks AMP 750W Black promises stable and quieter operation. To achieve this, it relies on its semi-passive, hybrid 120mm fan that efficiently cools the interior. This PWM-controlled, temperature-controlled 7-blade fan delivers maximum airflow with almost no noise.

Phanteks AMP 750W
Phanteks AMP 750W


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