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Phanteks AMP 550W


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The Phanteks 550W AMP is essentially a power supply for all the components in your machine. It also reduces your power consumption thanks to its 80+ Gold certification.
For a stable and quiet system, the Phanteks AMP 550W power supply is a great help. Its fully modular design allows for easy installation in your CPU.

This model is equipped with a 120 mm thermo-regulated fan. This allows you to work for hours on your PC without worrying about overheating. This power supply is 80+ Gold certified and is energy efficient.
To the delight of demanding users, the Phanteks AMP 550 W power supply unit guarantees quiet operation. During multimedia and office use, it does not make any noise. The pre-installed fan is also designed to run quietly for maximum user comfort.

The Phanteks AMP 550 W power supply unit features a premium design and is made of top quality materials. The sleek black casing, combined with the well-polished finish, gives it a very attractive appearance. The chassis is designed to withstand the rigours of everyday life. The AMP 550W power supply has a 100 % modular design and is easy to install in your PC. All cables are flat and have black sleeves for a clean, uncluttered look.

Phanteks AMP 550W
Phanteks AMP 550W


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